Electrical Design and Drafting 

Electrical Design, Drafting and Field Services is also our expertise. 

Electrical Design and Drafting, much like Instrumentation Design, entails working along side a team of mechanical engineers. Virtually all projects small or big will require some aspect of electrical engineering. With our extensive knowledge and experience with the Canadian Electric Code and specific industry standards and guidelines we are able to ensure a safe and relevant design for your facility. In addition, we work within your company‚Äôs standards and templates to provide a complete electrical solution that is easily integrated into your existing documentation. We offer input and the creation of the following:

  • Feed studies and Data Base Memorandum (DBM)
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Load Lists 
  • Area Class Drawings
  • Building Layout Drawings 
  • Junction Box (JB) Drawings
  • Full Electrical Drawings 
  • HAZOP (Hazardous operation) Reviews
  • Instrument Loop Drawings
  • Motor & VFD Schematics 
  • Cable Schedule
  • Cable Tray Design
  • Control Panel Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Solar Panel Calculations
  • Fugitive Emission Studies 
  • Facility I/O Worksheet
  • Shutdown Key
  • Control Narrative
  • System Architecture Design/Drawing
  • Scope of Work Document 
  • Procurement 

Our team has the experience, knowledge and ability to complete all electrical requirements. We are not vendor specific and will always recommend the best solution to our client. This allows our team to design non-biased solutions that strive for the best deliverable value. If applicable we can follow a company approved vendor and manufacturer list.

Nagy Instrumentation & Controls Inc. is also affiliated with field service companies if construction, maintenance, commissioning or calibration services are required.