Programming & Commissioning 

Programming is one of the most important aspects to any successful facility start up, commission and continued operation. 

Nagy Instrumentation & Controls Inc. has a highly experienced and solid team of automation and program engineers. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Process Control System Design
  • SCADA System Design, Development, and Deployment
  • Communication System Design
  • Custom programming
  • PLC Programming/Configuring
  • DCS Programming/Configuring
  • HMI Configuring
  • Alarm System Design
  • Measurement Solutions
  • Shutdown Key
  • Control Narrative
  • System Architecture Design
  • Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning

We are not vendor specific and will always recommend the best solution to our client. This allows our team to design non-biased solutions that strive for the best deliverable value. If applicable we can follow a company approved vendor and manufacturer list.

Our programmers take pride in every project to ensure that everyone is happy including field operators as well as corporation personnel.