What is a Tekboxx? 

Introducing the first custom made heavy duty telescopic storage box for all trades, Tekboxx is a new idea to an old problem. Gone are the days of taping or strapping products to your truck or van. Tekboxx is designed to store and protect various products such as PVC, tubing, conduit, pipe, grounding rods, antennas etc. Tekboxx simply mounts to any truck or van rack or canopy. The telescopic design allows you to extend the box from a fixed length of 12 feet to any increment up to 20 feet. A locking rear door hatch allows for safe storage of product. Tekboxx can also be custom made to meet any size or specific requirement. Call or email today for more information and pricing. See below for downloadable file. 

Tekboxx Product Info Sheet.pdf Tekboxx Product Info Sheet.pdf
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